“To live the wayless way free and yet bound, learn to live among things but not in things. All God’s friends live this way….among cares but not within cares. How wonderful it is to be so spiritually mature that one exists both outside and inside, one seizes and is seized, one sees and is seen, one holds and is held – that is the goal where the spirit remains at rest united to eternity. There our work and activity in time are just as noble and as full of joy as Mary Magdalene’s retreat in the desert. Remember Martha who in her spiritual maturity was so real that her works did not hinder her.”

Meister Eckhart 


Living outside the Mind 

One thought on “Living outside the Mind 

  1. That compelling image of how thoughts can weigh us down and leave us unable to move , act or see clearly is the work of a genius… thanks for new insight into Martha’s way …Jean


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