Swallows arrive to greet departing Brent Geese 

It Took our swallows over three weeks to fly to their Shannon place of birth from South Africa and who have they greeted but the Brent Geese down on Littor Strand today.

Over Three hundred of the Geese gathered yesterday eve readying themselves for their journey North to Greenland.

What an expanse of Globe they cover?

Today on Littor 

Ready, steady, take off!!


“Weathering a Storm.”

At the end of November, Blank Page, published 3000 copies of the book for distribution in Kerry. After a very successful launch in The Arms Hotel in Listowel the book sold out after Christmas. We made a commitment that a euro from every book would go towards supporting the great work of The Cork/ Kerry cancer bus link. This free service is such a great help as it is focused on the patient, personal and empowering. It has to be experienced to feel the quality of care and attention to detail, as they support us dealing with a cancer.

Last Sunday we were in a position to present 3000 euro to some of the team. They really value our support.

Can I thank all who bought the book, who helped in its production, distribution and sale throughout the county. I hope it brought some bit of light, support and vision to the reader as it gave me at times writing it.

Health Update

I’ve been invisible and silent for a couple of weeks and here’s the reason, I’ve been in hospital.

On March the 8th, I was for my three monthly check up with the surgeon in Cork, it went very well, my bloods were excellent (I regard those as the Nasdaq or Dowjones index!). Had been  feeling a cold rising in me but then I had been lucky enough to avoid any infection in two and a half years. 

It was the following  Monday before l got to the doctor but an antibiotic didn’t seem to touch it so I was admitted to Tralee hospital on Wednesday evening. That was the start of our St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday weekend so it was Monday before the team removed a large quantity of fluid that had built up in the lung. I had found it increasingly difficult to breathe and was using oxygen a lot.

As a result I spent a week in the ICU unit, time I really needed there, not realising how weakened I had become. Then I had a week out in the hospital ward and I found this most challenging of all as I had to rebuild my confidence in myself to do the most basic things from eating to walking to washing. 

My Cork oncology team are fully on board and a detailed examination of the fluid suggests the presence of a small growth similar to before. This is and will be treated by Chemotherapy as before and can be successfully dealt with as I’ve had a fullsom response to chemotherapy twice beforehand.

I came home from hospital yesterday and am already in the benefit of a great nights sleep in the Spring Air. I am in great form and in great care with family and Debbie, Kathleen and Ann. It’s building up time and where better but home. 

Having totally cut off from phones,emails and all forms on outside communication I know there is alot of messages of support and prayer that I’m not in a position to acknowledge but can I do so now and thank you for the felt support and concern.

Was it Churchill said, “rumours of my demise have been grossly exaggerated!”?In summary, I had my weeks in hospital, challenging but worthwhile in that it highlights something that will need attention and a plan is in place when the time is right.

Right now I find talking and meeting people most tiring so I’m going private and quite for a while. When I came home yesterday I went to where I had set the tulips earlier only to find they are ready to bloom.