I’ve been invisible and silent for a couple of weeks and here’s the reason, I’ve been in hospital.

On March the 8th, I was for my three monthly check up with the surgeon in Cork, it went very well, my bloods were excellent (I regard those as the Nasdaq or Dowjones index!). Had been  feeling a cold rising in me but then I had been lucky enough to avoid any infection in two and a half years. 

It was the following  Monday before l got to the doctor but an antibiotic didn’t seem to touch it so I was admitted to Tralee hospital on Wednesday evening. That was the start of our St. Patrick’s Bank Holiday weekend so it was Monday before the team removed a large quantity of fluid that had built up in the lung. I had found it increasingly difficult to breathe and was using oxygen a lot.

As a result I spent a week in the ICU unit, time I really needed there, not realising how weakened I had become. Then I had a week out in the hospital ward and I found this most challenging of all as I had to rebuild my confidence in myself to do the most basic things from eating to walking to washing. 

My Cork oncology team are fully on board and a detailed examination of the fluid suggests the presence of a small growth similar to before. This is and will be treated by Chemotherapy as before and can be successfully dealt with as I’ve had a fullsom response to chemotherapy twice beforehand.

I came home from hospital yesterday and am already in the benefit of a great nights sleep in the Spring Air. I am in great form and in great care with family and Debbie, Kathleen and Ann. It’s building up time and where better but home. 

Having totally cut off from phones,emails and all forms on outside communication I know there is alot of messages of support and prayer that I’m not in a position to acknowledge but can I do so now and thank you for the felt support and concern.

Was it Churchill said, “rumours of my demise have been grossly exaggerated!”?In summary, I had my weeks in hospital, challenging but worthwhile in that it highlights something that will need attention and a plan is in place when the time is right.

Right now I find talking and meeting people most tiring so I’m going private and quite for a while. When I came home yesterday I went to where I had set the tulips earlier only to find they are ready to bloom.





Health Update

27 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Pat,

    Soon after I read your post and saw the photo of you with your tulips I came across these lines.

    “The sun just touched the morning;
    The morning, happy thing,
    Supposed he had come to dwell,
    And life would be all spring.”
    -Emily Dickinson

    Hope you continue to recover well.



  2. It was Mark Twain who said it I think. Were in Cadiz for today and then on to Casablanca winding up world cruise. Keep up the mend. Will keep you in our prayers. Love. Noreen and Tony.

    Sent from my iPad



  3. So glad to hear that Fr Pat Moore is doing so well. Michael and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Fatima on the 4th April . It was so quiet and peaceful. I can hardly believe it’s 17 years since the beatification of Jacinta & Francesco Marto and the additions within the shrine since 2000 are outstanding.
    We prayed at the shrine and requested a Mass for Fr Pat which will be said in a couple of weeks time.In the meantime we will send the card to the Parish Office in the hope that it will be safely delivered.
    May the Blessed Virgin keep you safe in the protection of her mantle.
    God bless.
    Jacinta and Michael Feryn


  4. Continued good health Fr. Pat. Fr. Kevin doesn’t let us forget to keep you in our prayers. There’s more books and papers to be written.


  5. The swallows are back Fr Pat. Praying that you are on the way to a full recovery…May God take you to a place of strength.


  6. Good to hear you are on the mend and building yourself up again. You are in our prayers every day.
    Cathy Hatton, nee Leahy.


  7. Great to know your home Fr Pat and feeling more comfortable. Keeping you in our prayers daily and wishing you a speedy full recovery with best wishes love Srs Elizabeth and Helen


  8. So good to see you under a beautiful blue sky Pat, you have truely lifted all our hearts. Keeping you in our prayers every day. God, Holy Mary and PadrePio are holding you. Live FOR that moment.



  9. It’s great that you’re at home Fr Pat and you will be getting better every day now pg


  10. Praise be to the man above and all his helpers that you are fighting back and raring to goI. kept seeing messages of goodwill Pat but I wasn’t sure what had set you back. Don’t worry about responses. Knowing that you are giving yourself time and space to get treated, rested and recovered is all the response any of us needs. Prayers everyday on the way to work in St. Mary’s cathedral around 9.45. I hope you feel the love.xxxx


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