It Took our swallows over three weeks to fly to their Shannon place of birth from South Africa and who have they greeted but the Brent Geese down on Littor Strand today.

Over Three hundred of the Geese gathered yesterday eve readying themselves for their journey North to Greenland.

What an expanse of Globe they cover?

Today on Littor 

Ready, steady, take off!!


Swallows arrive to greet departing Brent Geese 

9 thoughts on “Swallows arrive to greet departing Brent Geese 

  1. I am sad to hear you have moved on from your earthly life Pat but glad also to know for sure that you are now free and unrestrained. I am convinced that you are with us all now, more than ever, and that you will continue to inspire us as you did while in your earthly body. Thanks for your lovely words and images and sense of humour.


  2. “Home is the sailor, home from the sea
    And the hunter home from the hill”

    The storm has passed and taken a good man with it.


  3. Lovely to have you back, Fr. Pat. Back in the day the Brent geese were classified as fish and you could eat them during Lent without breaking your fast. They were on the menu in Benners Hotel.


  4. The full circle of life with God in the details.

    Beautiful imagery, Pat.

    I had a dream about you today! We were down at the Strand near your home, taking a walk.



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